Meditation Essentials

Experience more joy, clarity and ease with an authentic, complete meditation training

A woman cross legged using knowledge gained from Mindworks' Meditation Essentials

What Will You Gain in Meditation Essentials? 

A complete meditation training system

Authentic practices taught by expert Mind Trainers

Cultivate a consistent daily practice

Build a meditation routine you look forward to

Benefit body and mind

Experience the true benefits of greater well-being

Transform your everyday life

Skillfully integrate insights into daily living

An image of a woman sitting amongst a lotus meditating - preparing for a Meditation Essentials Course

An exceptional guided meditation course

This Meditation Essentials course is not your typical mindfulness training. Learn an authentic, progressive meditation practice from genuine Mind Trainers. Build a solid foundation and an enjoyable meditation routine in just 14 days. Partner short guided meditations with insightful instruction that sparks powerful insight into how your mind works.

  • Learn to meditate properly and get inspired to keep practicing
  • Practice true mindfulness and uncover the insight of awareness
  • Make the most of your time by following a genuine training system
  • Understand how daily guided meditations benefit body and mind
  • Discover the power of meditation to add more meaning to your life
  • Receive a certi