Give the Gift of Mindworks

Start a friend on the Mindworks system of meditation courses, guided meditations and awareness practices, a supportive community, exclusive content, and more.

Bird with an olive branch - why not give the gift of meditation?

How it Works

Purchase a Gift Certificate

After purchasing, you’ll fill out a short form with the recipient’s information and a personalized message.

Choose Date for Delivery

You can specify a date for delivery, such as a birthday or special occasion, or deliver immediately.

They Choose Their Course

We’ll take it from there. We’ll email the lucky recipient so they can choose the course that’s right for them.

Share the Benefits

The gift of meditation is good for the giver, the receiver and the world!

Two zebras are whispering: meditation is a great gift

What’s included and what’s the cost?

Mindworks Gift Certificates give the recipient access to a single Life Navigation Course. All gift certificates are a flat cost of $20. Mindfulness is ecologically friendly, as it lessens the pollution we all create through our negative emotions. And coupled with genuine awareness practice, we can bring about positive change through well-being and insight.

Give meditation to a family member or friend, your boss (hint hint), someone who has everything and doesn’t know it, or even your sworn or mortal enemy. Everyone can benefit from meditation! Gift certificates are discounted off the course price: a good deal for all!

You can purchase multiple gift certificates by repeating the process (purchase and then fill out recipient form), but please wait 30 minutes in between for the system to complete processing the first gift.


Gift Recipients Can Choose from the Following Courses

Meditation is the perfect gift for someone who has everything, nothing, or what’s in between.

A woman cross legged using knowledge gained from Mindworks' Meditation Essentials

Meditation Essentials

Experience more joy, clarity and ease with an authentic, complete meditation training

A man sites near a lake contemplating

Working with Stress

Reduce stress and anxiety with the proven coping skill of authentic meditation

Mother and Son using knowledge gained from Mindworks Meditation For Parents

Meditation for Parents

Parent with greater perspective and patience with the insight of meditation practice

Relationships are fertile ground and can be worked with in meditation

Improving Relationships

Connect to your most authentic self to become available for meaningful connection with others

Psychology, Modern Trauma Theory & Meditation

Psychology of Addiction

Understand the causes of addiction and how meditative intervention helps recovery

Looking at a storm in the distance over fields

Working with Emotions

Embody a healthier relationship with your emotions through meditation

Mindworks' Course on Happiness Hero

Course in Happiness

Experience presence as the basis of well-being through daily meditation practice

Bart Mendel, Founder of Mindworks & Meditation Teacher

The Mindful Executive

Let a greater sense of meaning and purpose become the drivers for your success

Addiction, Recovery and Forgiveness

Addiction and Forgiveness

Appreciate forgiveness as vital for sustaining recovery, whether your own or another’s

Mindworks goal is simple—we want to help you discover the transformative power of meditation so that you can live your best life. As a 501c3 nonprofit, your support enables us to bring accessible, authentic meditation guidance to a worldwide community.

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