Bart Mendel is the architect of Mindworks progressive meditation system.

Founder and Chief Meditation Officer

About Bart Mendel

Bart Mendel is the founder of Mindworks and the architect of Mindworks’ progressive meditation and teaching system. Bart embarked on a path of Buddhist meditation study and practice early in life—including periods of intensive retreat—under the guidance of some of the world’s most respected Buddhist masters. After years of dedicated practice, Bart’s teachers encouraged him to share his knowledge and passion for all things meditation with others. At this writing, he’s been teaching meditation for over 40 years throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. As a teacher, Bart is known (and loved) for his down-to-earth clarity, enthusiasm, accessibility, and humor.

Bart’s alter-ego runs a successful construction management company in Southern California. When building Mindworks online meditation courses, Bart uses many of the project management skills he’s honed over the years. He is exceptionally good at delving into Mindworks’ vast collection of outstanding teachings, extracting gems, and organizing them into coherent, accessible programs that can benefit meditators of all stripes. Likewise, he uses the insights and constancy acquired through his meditation practice to excel in his profession.

Meditation is the key that allows Bart to balance family, work, everyday challenges, and Mindworks. He and his wife, Suzan Garner, live in Santa Barbara. One of their sons, Tokpa Korlo, is Mindworks’ Chief Creative Officer.

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